We offer a large assortment of different designs,
colors and styles of Shade Structures, Featuring  
Lifetime Aluminum Lattice Covers

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Patio Cover Photos
We also offer many different designs, styles and
colors of  Year Around, Solid Patio Covers that are
completely Maintenance Free and Built with a
Lifetime Warranty Aluminum Materials

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Covers Photos
We are also conscious of the fact that not
everyone is looking for something fancy for a
covered patio.  Some clients are more into
something basic that gets the job done

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We also custom build Patio Covers to Fit
your Needs, let us know what you are looking
for as far as design and we will come up with
Drawing and Custom Build that cover top your
specific design requirements.

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Built Patio Cover Photos
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Home Improvement
A very popular cover we build is called the
Combination Patio Cover featuring areas of Solid
or Waterproof Areas with Lattice Areas also to
give you best of both worlds, Solid and Lattice

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Another Very Popular Patio Cover Design is to
start out with an insulated roof system.  This roof
has the strength to be walked on and is easily
upgraded to a Patio Room System just simply by
adding the walls at a later date.

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Insulated Patio Cover
Something to set your rear lawn out and
give you a great outdoor living environment for
entertaining guests is the ever popular Gazebo.

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Gazebo Photos
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